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Bounce Interview 

with How was the group formed and how long have you been together?

Michael: Bounce was formed just this early January of 2000. Most of our fans will know us as members from the group called KLS. Basically Bounce was formed because the songs of KLS was only in the Hmong language. Our objectives for Bounce is too sing all our songs in English, that way most will understand. And basically to be the best at what we do.

Colin: Weve been together our whole life. Were all brothers here so were going to be together through thick and thin. What artists have influenced your music?

Vixay: Well there are just a lot of artists that have influenced our style of music. Just to name a few, I guess some of our influence comes from groups like Boys 2 Men, Dru Hill to producers like Babyface, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Are you interested in acting in movies and what type of movies are you interested in?

Colin: Definitely love to act. Acting is definitely something that I would want to do later on in the future if I ever get the chance. The type of movie can be from Love to Action, it doesn't matter (laugh), I want to do them all.

Michael: Same here, like I usually tell my fans, if it's to entertain then I want to do it.

Vixay: I guess Colin and Michael have already taken the words I want to say, so I have nothing to say here (laugh). Which members have girlfriends?

Michael: Single here, still waiting for that right cute, intelligent, respectful girl to come my way.

Vixay: Same here, still single.

Colin: Im a bachelor here and you know what all bachelor do (laugh), just having fun, enjoying life and still checking out the babes. What city is Bounce based in?

Michael: We are straight out from the Twin Cities representing Minnesota. What does Bounce do for fun?

Vixay: Usually at our leisure time we hang out with friends and family. Go out to see a movie and just enjoy the free time.

Colin: Meeting and getting to know people and at other time just writing and producing new songs is always fun too.

Contact information for Bounce?
Michael: Anyone who wants to know more about us can always check us out at on the Internet. Or write to us at:


P.O. Box 43611

Brooklyn Park, MN 55443



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