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DEBUT is a heartfelt independent feature film is one of the first theatrical motion pictures to celebrate the Filipino American experience.  For more information visit

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Asian CineVision 24th Annual Asian American International Film Festival 

July 20-28th in NYC, NY


RESTLESS  is a hip and fresh portrait of young Americans and young Chinese living and trying to find love in rapidly changing modern day Beijing.  For more information, visit

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Visual Communications Film Fest 2001 

May 17-24th in Los Angeles, CA


1ST TESTAMENT - C.I.A. VENGEANCE CIA Agent Phillip (Ron Becks) is having doubts about his service to his country and his assignments to kill the very people he once befriended.  His boss tells him to do his job and not question orders, but Phillip has made his decision and refuses to kill anymore. To save his life his boss takes him out of the field and re-assigns him to the easy job of training a South Korean female spy to assassinate the leader of North Korea.  But the female is not who she appears to be.  Phillip is betrayed by his own people and everyone is now a target. No Picture Available



Kiss of the Dragon - It sure is a blast to watch Jet Li kick the crÍpe out of the bad French dudes in this film. Li displays his stunning martial art abilities as a Chinese cop set up by a super corrupt French policeman. You won't be disappointed when the Li uses everything from pool balls to chopsticks and a bracelet full of acupuncture needles as lethal weapons.

Cupid's Mistake is a refreshing and humorous take on dating in Los Angeles.  Shot against the backdrop of Santa Monica, it's a real life look at the pain and frustrations of meeting your mate only to have your love be unrequited and about what happens when love comes your way but you miss it.  Funny, witty and ironically heartwarming Cupid's Mistake probes into the nuances of finding, keeping and losing love.




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