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Name of Artist: KRISTINE SA

Category of Music: POP

Age: 19YRS OLD


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Release Date of New Album: OCTOBER 2001 How was your group formed?  Or how did you get into the business?

Kristine: My initial step into the music business was actually taken for me by Nemesis Records. A friend of mine had contacted Nemesis and told them to have a look at my webpage. Minh-Dan Pham followed up on me and we talked for a short while. As we talked more I guess I was just convinced! Nemesis seemed very promising, and so I sent my demo and a song that I had written ("I Never Knew".) After hearing that song, I was signed and the rest is history. What are your ultimate goals and/or dreams?

Kristine: My ultimate goal is really to just reach people in an honest way. I want to know that something I've written has somehow made a connection with someone. That it is helping them heal in one way or another. It's always nice to receive emails or messages on the Nemesis message board from someone who has felt the same way I have. That's got to be the best feeling because then I know that what I'm doing is worthwhile. Of course my second most ultimate goal is to the have the coolest hair! What advice do you have for other upcoming artists?

Kristine: Just believe. I believe we all create our reality. If your dream is strong enough and you persevere, it's bound to happen sooner or later. Who are your biggest influences?  (Musical and/or non-musical)

Kristine: Everything influences me actually. I take in everything around me and so consequently I am influenced by everything: from tv shows, to the weather, to the short blonde guy that I always used to see on the bus going to school. He definitely influenced my hair colour. What inspires you?

Kristine: Life inspires me. Feelings inspire me. Anything overwhelming inspires me. I admit now that I am a very dramatic person so if something has moved me in some way or another, I am inspired to capture the moment. What are some of the biggest challenges that you have faced?

Kristine: Wow, I've faced so many it's hard to pick just one. It was hard growing up, it is still hard growing up. I faced a lot of discrimination when I was younger as a different kind of individual. Now I am facing a whole new world of independence and that's so hard as well. There was also a time when I couldn't face being alone and I just couldn't live with myself. Really, being so sensitive to everything, I find every challenge enormous. It amplifies all my feelings. Though it does leave me in a lot of pain sometimes, at the same time when I am content, it's twice as much happiness. Sometimes I feel itís a curse, other times itís a gift. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?  Hobbies and leisure activities?

Kristine: I take random pictures. I color my hair. I go have bubble tea. I karaoke. I listen to Brittney. I write. I play dress-up. I clean. I surf the net. I answer my mail. I play pool. I sit in a bookstore for half the day. I take ridiculously long showers. I stare. I enjoy the free time. Do you have a significant other?

Kristine: Yes. =) What are your favorite movies/TV shows?

Kristine: I used to be addicted to Dawson's Creek but ever since Joey and Pacee "connected" I found closure and let go. I havenít watched since. Plus, I don't have any time of follow up on it now. I am also a chronic Friends fan. If I were a Friends character, I'd be Monica because I organize like there's no tomorrow! What are your favorite foods?

Kristine: No onions, no chunks of garlic. Besides that I love everything! I love food. Sadly, that might just turn out to be my downfall. LOL!



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