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Group:  One Vo1ce 

Category: R&B / Pop 

Age: Ages range from 18-21 

Ethnicity: Filipinas 

Group site: / 


Album Title: "Sincerely Yours" 

Release Date: June 26th 

Appearances: How was your group formed?  Or how did you get into the business?

OV: When Marie, Melissa, and Monica were freshmen in high school, the three of them with former member Aimee were asked to sing in a talent show to represent their class.  Ever since that talent show, everyone considered them a group.  Mae joined the group in ’99.  Kurtis Kato always believed in us and that we could make it mainstream in the music industry. He first saw us at a local showcase and he wanted to manage us, but we weren’t really interested.  We just liked to sing for fun, and we never really saw ourselves doing anything more than what we were doing. After befriending the girls for a couple of years, we decided to take Kurtis up on his offer and let him manage us.  So the first step of our new relationship with Kurtis was to record first a single, and maybe an album, and see where things went after that.  That was pretty much how things got going to where they are today. What are your ultimate goals and/or dreams?

OV: Ultimately the goal is to keep putting out good music and hopefully get some national recognition for our accomplishments.  As a group we never thought we would be where we are today.  We had no idea that people would love us that much that we’d have so many fans and so many people who support us and believe in us.  When we first started out with Kurtis, we never thought we’d have a hit single.  We didn’t know that we would get a single’s deal with MCA records and tour with other recording artists.  We already have accomplished more than what we had in mind from the beginning.  All we can do is improve on ourselves in anyway, day by day.  Be it through going to the gym, staying in shape, practicing choreography, or going to vocal lessons, all the little things make the difference for us in putting on better shows in order for us to please our fans.  The only goal we have is progress. What advice do you have for other upcoming artists? 

OV: If there are any upcoming artists or anyone else who wants to make it in this industry, best advice we can give them is not to give up or let down. Especially when things aren’t going the way you want them to go. Everyone pays their dues, but in the end, it all turns out the way it should.  If making it in this industry is your dream, follow through with it.  Don’t ever let anyone believe you can’t have what you want. Who are your biggest influences?  (Musical and/or non-musical)

OV: Our main musical influences were our family, and especially our parents. They were the ones who first introduced us to music.  We were raised listening to a lot of classical music, and also on oldies, especially the Beatles.  We also look up to other artists such as Madonna, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Destiniy’s Child, Boyz II Men, and Lauryn Hill.  They are all very talented. What inspires you?

OV: Our greatest inspiration is the fact that we’ve been singing together for so long that there’s a great blend when we put our voices together into harmony.   We believe this is our greatest and the sound it makes is the main reason why people like hearing us sing.  Knowing that it’s what our many fans want to hear the most is the biggest inspiration of all. What are some of the biggest challenges that you have faced? 

OV: The music industry, collectively is our biggest obstacle.  Breaking through music politics can be a hard thing, especially since we’re Filipino.  Being Filipino is a new thing to hit mainstream music. It’s somewhat of a culture shock to many people when they see the faces behind the voices. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?  Hobbies and leisure activities?

OV: Outside of work we all go to school, but for fun, we like to do what everyone else likes to do.  We’re just like normal girls; we like to go out, maybe go shopping.  But when we’re not working or going to school, we wanna see our friends and kick it whenever we can. Do you have a significant other? 

OV: We are all single ladies. What are your favorite movies/TV shows?

Fav Movie

Fav TV Show


Chasing Amy









Pearl Harbor

Friends What are your favorite foods?  

Fav Foods


buffalo wings




chili cheese fries


walnut prawns


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