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If your business caters to individuals from 16 - 50 years old (students to professionals), then you should consider becoming a sponsor.  For more information, click here.

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Shadow Warrior

Since 1984, Shadow Warrior has been providing martial art supplies, books, and videos to the greater Sacramento area (Sacramento, Davis, and Stockton).  Their 16 years of experience and expertise will help you choose the uniform, protective gear, or practice weapon that best fits your needs.  They are also a resource for martial schools in Northern California.  Click the banner below to go to the Shadow Warrior web site.


SAGA's provides up-to-date party information for Asian American nightlife.  The SAGA site is updated on a weekly basis with new party information and pictures.  Click the banner below to go to the SAGA web site.


NAKANO CONSULTING has been providing web site design, hosting, and maintenance services since 1997 for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and special interest groups. NAKANO CONSULTING's "core competency," or area of expertise, is integrating business knowledge and web site design to establish and maintain web sites that are visually stimulating and customer oriented.  Click the banner below to go to the NAKANO CONSULTING web site.


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