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Artist:  Yvette

Category of Music: Pop/dance/AC

Ethnicity:  Asian American

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Latest Album:  Yvette  

Latest Single: Rub A Dub Dub

Release Date of New Album:  in stores now How was your group formed?  Or how did you get into the business?  

Yvette: I was discovered at a karaoke contest.  Someone spotted me, offered me a record deal and the rest is historyÖSounds easy but it was --still is -- a long , hard and rocky climb to the top. What are your ultimate goals and/or dreams?  

Yvette: Iíd be cheesy to say ď I want to win a Grammy somedayĒ but itís true. What advice do you have for other upcoming artists?  

Yvette: Believe in yourself & let no one tell you otherwise. Who are your biggest influences?  (Musical and/or non-musical) 

Yvette: My mom.  She was a jazz singer before she married my dad and I guess she answers your 5th question as well because she also inspires me. What inspires you?  

Yvette: My mom and my henney! What are some of the biggest challenges that you have faced?  

Yvette: Discrimination.  Lack of  opportunities.  Itís quite difficult to make it in the music world but itís so much tougher  to try and make it and also be Asian American.  People have a harder time grasping that idea. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?  Hobbies and leisure activities?  

Yvette: I love to read when Iím home and I also like outdoor activities that involve water or flying.  Iím also into tennis. Do you have a significant other?  

Yvette: Iím happy to say I do! What are your favorite movies/TV shows?  

Yvette: Iím a sucker for romance so any sappy love story would be itÖI enjoy anything mysterious like Unsolved Mysteries and I like detective shows like CSI, but Iím also a big fan of soaps like All My Children & One Life To Live. What are your favorite foods?   

Yvette: Definitely Italian!  I love pasta but Japanese comes a close second.




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